Our Book

School will NOT prepare you for the real world: FACTS⚠️. It’s not your fault — priorities have shifted from common sense education, to being really, really good at taking standardized tests😠. The same kids who ace AP Calculus are later sinking in massive credit card debt and English majors can’t draft a decent resume.  The system is lacking street smarts: instinct, application, and self-confidence.

Black Belt In Life is your guide to 💯% legal ways to leverage your position as a Gen-Z or Millennial student to “live your best life.” It’s loaded with trade secrets and inside info from experts that go off the record and share tips to succeed.

Each book in the series you’ll earn different “colored belts” in subjects like the power of positive thinking, student loans, filing taxes, and legal rights. This edition (white belt) focuses on the fundamentals, routines, and actions for success.

Life hacks? We got ‘em: What if I’m underage and the party is busted🍺? How can I become a millionaire🤑? Is this a scam🤔? We will feast on all the “knowledge-nuggets” you need to succeed, like insurance, healthcare, etiquette, first aid and beyond. Common Sensei is a NO BS 💩 approach to “adulting” empowered by my very own spin on Japanese methodology.  It’s “ZENtastic.”

Your homework: Netflix and iTunes 📝😀.  Since film and music are timeless gateways, you will be streaming movies that kick A$$ aka Kickin’ Flicks 🎬 and downloading meaningful songs 🎶 on the Karaoke🎤Playlist. No generation is off limits.  Along the way, you’ll enjoy WTF facts and trivia side notes duly named Sensei Says🥋.  In between chapters are motivational “workouts” called Slay the Day⚔: exercises on how to sharpen your sword!

Throughout this self-help series of books, you will have access to my family’s 50-year-old formula of smashing 🔨 goals through my “Martial SMARTS!” experience.  In the end, you will earn a “Black Belt in Life” and the most uncommon degree🎓: Common Sense.

Welcome to my dōjō (道場) of life skills, a “place” to learn everything they should be teaching you in school, but don’t, from a legit Sensei of “the way (道).”  Along this journey, we are going to discover your special path, route, road, course, direction and “way (道).”