Hustle. Happiness. Harmony.

Konnichiwa!  I’m your CommonSensei, a master of life skills, sorcerer of street smarts, and protector of good old fashioned common sense. We are here to dissect and talk about all things they should teach you school… but don’t.  This blog is my battlefield, and we aren’t here to just survive; nope it’s time to thrive!

“Sensei” Bill Viola Jr., is a bestselling author and master of common sense!  He’s created the award-winning Black Belt in Life®, Common Sensei®, and Sensei Says® book series. He is the Founder and President of Kumite Classic Entertainment based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The synergy of “Common” and “Sensei” is best described by a mashup of famous characters (past and present). Let’s mix the wisdom of Mr. Miyagi and Yoda with the intelligence of Professor Dumbledore and Gandalf; the awareness of John Wick with the charisma of Ferris Bueller; the poise of Doc Holiday with the spirit of Katniss Everdeen; the class of the Great Gatsby with the street smarts of Tony Soprano; the Spidey senses of Peter Parker with the confidence of Black Panther; and the grit of Creed with the motivation and intensity of his coach, Rocky Balboa.  Ironically, CommonSensei is anything but common; he’s a master of “life skills.”

A Black Belt in Life can’t be bought, borrowed, or bargained for, nope, these life skills are learned through sweat equity and faith. The synergy of mind, body, and spirit leads to the ultimate sense of self-satisfaction.   Earning a Black Belt in Life is taking inspired ownership of your God-given potential and pushing the limits of those abilities beyond measure.   Bill Viola Jr. coined the phrase “ZENtensity” decades ago when he recognized his true potential… then surpassed it.  He exceeded the limits and leveled up over, and over, and over again to become world renown in the martial arts.  His wining mindset became a pattern of success and an award-winning formula of the Viola family. ZENtensity became the signature of his dōjō.  “Sensei, what is this ZENtensity you speak of?”  ZENtensity is a mind over matter phenomenon achieved when outside influences vanish, and one harnesses all potential power into an activity.  It’s the extra rep that 99% of people give up on.  ZENtensity is doing more with less and going the extra mile on an empty tank of gas. Quite simply it’s Rocky Balboa in round 12, Michael Phelps in the last lap, or Rudy grinding at practice.  ZENtensity is the epitome of hustle, and then some.  It is a samurai mindset, and CommonSensei can teach you.

Confidence, positive thinking, and gratitude are building blocks or your training at this dōjō.  To level up from white belt on, we must never stop learning.  When you fail, you fail forward.  GROWTH.  A “BB in Life” constantly strives for daily improvement, no matter how small the progress. CommonSensei preaches 1% gains daily.  Every belt represents a harmonic balance of “ups” and “downs” along your journey.  Black Belt in Life training balances family and fortune with ambition and responsibility and all in between.

Endgame is being a better person, a Black Belt of the human race.  This isn’t a Black Belt you wear… It’s a Black Belt mentality.  You must think like a Black Belt, talk like a Black Belt, and act like a Black Belt.  No, it’s not something you wear, it is something you become.  Sharpening your sword will become a way of life (道).



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